You will see on our “about us” page I am a very experienced dog trainer.  I decided to run training classes as I believe that successful dog training should combine reward based training which meets the psychological and behavioural needs of the dog while meeting the needs of owners in what is often a stressful world.

Our classes are designed to be fun and stress free for both dog and owner. For that reason our class size is always limited in numbers of dogs and while we cover basic obedience, socialisation and essential information for dog owners the teaching method is fluid and is adapted to the needs of the owners and dogs.

Welcome to a new approach to dog training!

The earlier you start training the better and for that reason we are very committed to young puppies and offer a full service for puppies less than 20 weeks of age. Our classes give you and your pup the best start of your life together.

We also cater fully for adolescents and beyond and are committed to helping rescue dogs settle well into their new home.

A full behaviour service is also offered for when things go wrong. Behaviour problems can be wide and varied from seperation problems, toilet training, and excessive barking to aggression. Please contact us for details.

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We offer a full service for dog aggression problems and pride ourselves on our ‘teaching dogs’ who work with dogs who are aggressive to other dogsto help teach and resolve the problems. A specific aggression page will be coming soon.

Training your dog is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Puppy training is the basis and our other services help you fit together the pieces you need to complete the picture of a well balanced and sociable dog.


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