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My name is Julie Pett and I am the founder of Pett Behaviour. Over twenty years ago I first started working with dogs, in my first job I discovered the world of training and behaviour as my employer was one of the countries ‘leading trainers’. The more I saw, the more I disliked it as sadly the methods used were harsh and in my view completely unnecessary. Thus my search began to find alternative methods. This has lead me through a fascinating journey of work and study. Throughout that journey I have worked day in and day out on a practical level with dogs and their owners. I have been a manager for boarding kennels and catteries, a pet hotel and spent time working in national rescue centres. I am currently the Manager for Morton Villa Pet Hotel and am a behavioural adviser for Epsom Canine Rescue and The Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue. As part of my work I take in rescue dogs that have serious behaviour problems, these dogs stay with me until I have worked with them to resolve their problems so they can be re homed. Many of these dogs would probably never have had the chance of a home due to their behaviour problems.

Throughout my journey I have studied many courses. I am a Chartered Member of the Institute of Animal Care Education (ChMIACE) and an Associate Member of the Animal Care Collage (AMACC). The studies I have undertaken have educated me in the anatomy, physiology and psychology of dogs and cats, behavioural modification techniques and obedience training using kind, reward based methods. Throughout my studies I have worked and met many excellent behaviour counsellors and trainers, also some outstanding animals. My thanks go to them all for the knowledge they have passed on to me. It is my view that we never stop learning; of course the ones we learn most from are the animals. Communication is the key to training our dogs, it should not be by force or punitive methods but by communicating what we want in a way they can understand.

Always let them know when they have got things right! Then and only then do you have a true partnership between dog and owner.

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