Putting together the early learning

pieces for a well balanced dog


• Socialisation

• Foundation/core skills

• Recall to a high level

• Lead walking and obedience

Raising a puppy in today’s society is much harder than it used to be. Owners find themselves bombarded with masses of conflicting information; we are more restricted in where we can walk our dogs and it is sometimes hard to find nice dogs for your pup to play with as some owners are too frightened to let their dogs off lead for various reasons.

It is so important for you and your puppy to start straight away to learn the skills which are vital to raise a happy, healthy, well balanced socialised puppy.


That is why Pett-Behaviour offers courses providing dogs and owners with real life skills suitable for today’s dogs and their owners.


Puppy Early Learning: Indoor classes for puppies to learn all their foundation exercises

and advice for owners about all aspects of puppy care.


Puppy Fun Socialisation: Roll on, roll off classes for all puppies held at an outdoor,

fully secure venue. Come and join the fun!


Puppy Play and Recall: The MOST important skill, teach your puppy to come

back to you regardless of distractions. Classes held outdoor.


Puppy Obedience and Loose Lead Walking: Build those skills learnt in Early Learning!



 Our courses are stress free for owner and pup and they should help the owner to walk the path of early learning with their new pup and enjoy every minute of the journey.

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