Adolescents and beyond!

You can teach an old dog new tricks and have fun doing it!


Some examples of our recent classes:

        Recall Workshops

        Fun Agility Classes

        Clicker Classes

        Loose Lead Workshops

        Pet Dog Obedience Classes

        Shy Guys Socialisation Groups

        1-2-1 Sessions

Whether your dog is a stroppy adolescent, at the terrible two stage or an older dog we have classes designed to help you to teach your dog the life skills he needs. We are particularly committed to helping owners who have been generous enough to take on a rescue dog.

 We have thrown out the book of old dog training methods – do you really want to march up and down a hall doing heel work? We think that the modern owner does not!

This is why we have taken most of our classes for older dogs out of the training hall and into a secure 8 foot fenced field where we can simulate real life training.

We are very flexible with our training and it is vital to us that our courses are stress free for owner and dog. For that reason our classes are designed especially to suit dogs and owners.

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